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Adult Evening Financial Aid

Steps for Financial Aid

  • Complete the online application for adult evening programs.

  • Fill out the 2021/2022 FAFSA. Make sure you put MCTEC’s school code: 017054

  • Fill out the online HEAPS ADULT EVENING Application.

    (You will need your drivers license for the application.)

  • As soon as MCTEC receives your Financial Aid Information, you will be contacted THROUGH EMAIL by the Financial Aid Administrator and told whether you have qualified for HEAPS funding.

  • If there is any additional information that will be needed, you will be contacted and asked to provide the requested information. Please remember to check your email to prevent any delays.

HEAPS Funding for Evening Programs

Adult Evening and Community programs participate in part-time HEAPS adult funding for those who qualify based on their FAFSA.

In order to apply for HEAPS, you must complete the FAFSA online at https://fafsa.ed.gov/.

You can then fill out a HEAPS application at the school, and once your aid is processed you will be contacted by the Adult Evening Coordinator to let you know if you are approved.

Things that may hold up your HEAPS application:

  • Not signing your FAFSA. Until your FAFSA has been signed by you (and your parents if necessary), your information is not released to MCTEC.  Please make sure to sign your FAFSA when finished.
  • Listing no income, government support, or money paid by others for you during the year on your FAFSA. If you did not file taxes in 2019, and you list that you had no income during 2019 and do not list that you received any type of government assistance, you will be selected for verification by Federal Financial Aid.  Government assistance will often enable you to receive full Pell, which entitles you to HEAPS.  Your approval process can be held up if you do not disclose this type of information when filling out the FAFSA, because you will be asked to contact the Financial Aid Administrator for more information.  The more you list on the FAFSA, the quicker your approval process can go.
  • If you do not have a college degree when filling out the FAFSA, then do not select “Graduate or Professional” when choosing your level of schooling for 2021-2022. You should only choose this category if you already have a four-year degree.

MCTEC does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, disability, or national origin in employment or educational programs or activities. Inquiries may be referred to Amanda Aliff, Section 504 Coordinator, at Mercer County Schools, 1403 Honaker Avenue, Princeton, WV 24740. Phone 304-487-1551. Lack of English language skills is not a barrier to participation in any course.