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Student Course Catalog

Concentration Descriptions

Course Codes & Titles Recommended Sequence

Accounting  BM1410 

Business Management & Administration

Accounting focuses on careers that record, classify, summarize, analyze, and communicate financial information and business transactions for use in management decision making. Accounting encompasses bookkeeping, systems design, analysis, and interpretation of accounting information.

1401 Accounting Principles I

1403 Accounting Principles II

1451 Personal Finance

Specialization Options/Select One:

1411 Business Computer Applications I

1439 Business and Marketing Essentials

1413 Business Computer Applications II

1417 Business Law

Administrative Support  BM1465

Business Management & Administration

Administrative Support focuses on careers that facilitate business operation through a variety of administrative and clerical duties including information and communication management, data processing and collection, and project tracking.

1411 Business Computer Applications I

1439 Business and Marketing Essentials

Specialization Options/Select Two:

1401 Accounting Principles I

1409 Business Communications

1413 Business Computer Applications II

1421 Business Recordkeeping

1445 Management & Entrepreneurship

1449 Office Management

1451 Personal Finance

Health Science HE0715  

Allied Health Sciences/Dental Assisting 

Adult & Grades 11-12

Adult students complete 1,080 hours of study which include infection control, oral health education, anatomy, radiology, chair side assisting, practice management, and a minimum of 300 clinical hours. Certification may be obtained upon graduating from the program and passing the Dental Assisting National Board exam. A minimum grade average of 80% is required to continue in program.

0711 Foundations of Health Science

0715 Advanced Principles of Health Science

0746 Dental Assisting III

0743 Dental Assisting IV

Automotive Technology  TR1620

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Automotive Technology provides instruction in regard to the fundamentals of the automotive repair industry. The presentation of the course material is designed to describe the purpose, function, construction, design, operation, and maintenance of each automotive system. National industry credentials and college credit may be earned.

1631 Automotive Technology MLR I

1623 Automotive Technology MLR II

1625 Automotive Technology MLR III

1637 Automotive Technology MLR IV

Education & Training ED1300  

Careers in Education/Tomorrow’s Teachers

This innovative program is designed to attract advanced learners interested in pursuing careers in the teaching profession. The program provides high school students insight concerning the nature of teaching and the critical issues impacting education. Observation placements are incorporated to provide practical experience. Students may earn college credit.

1301 Foundation in Education

1302 Student Learning, Development & Diversity

1135 Teacher Preparation

Pick One

8016 Elementary Literature

1304 Secondary Literature



Carpentry  AR1820

Architecture & Construction

This concentration focuses developing a knowledge base and technical skills regarding building processes. Learners will be exposed to a broad range of foundation knowledge including basic safety; plan reading; use of tools and equipment; and positive work ethics. Students earn NCCER certification for mastering skill sets.


1842 Carpentry I

1843 Carpentry II

1844 Carpentry III

1845 Carpentry IV

Collision Repair Technology  TR1670

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Collision Repair is designed to provide skills in auto body and fender repair. Students receive instruction regarding structural and nonstructural analysis, damage repair, mechanical and electrical components, plastics, adhesives, painting, and refinishing. Industry certification available.


1671 Fundamentals of Collision Repair Technology

1675 Non-Structural Analysis and Damage

1677 Structural Analysis and Damage Repair

1679 Surface Preparation and Refinishing

Information Technology IT1680 

Computer Systems Repair Technology

 Computer Systems Repair Technology provides an introduction to computer operating systems, hardware, software, and networking. Students will exercise problem solving and technical skills to rebuild and repair equipment. Multiple industry level certifications may be earned by completers in this program.

1664 A+ Essentials

1665 A+ Practical Applications

1694 Networking Essentials

Pick One

1695 Server +

1696 Security +


Cosmetology  HU1730

Human Service - Adult & Grades 11-12

Completion of the 1,800 hour program qualifies individuals to sit for the WV Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists examination. After 500 hours, students are transitioned to the salon setting and learn by performing services for clients under a certified Instructor of Cosmetology. A minimum grade average of 80% is required. Adult and high school students may enroll.

Nail Technology Grade 11 (or 12th if first Cosmetology Program of Study):

1737 Barbers and Cosmetology Foundations

1716 Nail Technology Science and Procedure

1717 Art of Nail Technology

1719 Nail Technology Clinical Experience

Aesthetics Grade 12 (After Completing Nail Technology:

1732 Skin Sciences I

1731 Aesthetics Science

1714 General Aesthetics I

1739 General Aesthetics II

Drafting/Computer Aided Drafting & Design - CADD AR1720

Architecture & Construction

Drafting or Computer Assisted Design and Drafting is designed for
any student interested in learning to operate automated design
and drafting tools. Basic knowledge of such tools may be applied
to disciplines and fields that involve design and engineering.
Students may earn national certifications and college credit hours.

1729 Fundamentals of Drafting

1727 Drafting Techniques

1725 Mechanical Drafting

1721 Architectural Drafting

Energy, Power and Engineered Systems ST2175

Science, Technical, Engineering & Mathematics Advanced Career  

This Advanced Career curriculum will introduce students to careers in energy and power industries.  Students will research, design, and build projects to enable them to understand the interplay of the generation, distribution, and use of energy.


2485 AC Energy, Power & Engd. Sys. I

2486 AC Energy, Power & Engd. Sys. II

2487 AC Energy, Power & Engd. Sys. III

2488 AC Energy, Power & Engd. Sys. IV

Graphic Design  AV1850

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

The program is designed for students with an interest in using their creative talent to produce art for commercial use. Graphic Design will introduce the basic concepts of graphic advertising and publication, animation graphics, desktop publishing, multimedia presentations, modeling


1857 Fundamentals of Graphic Design

1851 Fundamentals of Illustration

1859 Graphic Design Applications

1861 Illustration


Government & Public Administration

JROTC prepares high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of the benefits of citizenship. Classroom and activities, including service learning projects.


1065 JROTC I





1062 JROTC V


1064 JROTC Internship


Law and Public Safety LA1020

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security

This program is designed for students interested in having careers
or pursing degrees regarding the criminal justice system. Topics
explored include: corrections, courts, crime investigation and
prevention, law enforcement, prosecution, public safety, and
protection of a democratic society.


1225 Fundamentals of Public Safety Leadership

1226 Ethical Issues in Public Safety

1039 Practical Applications of Public Safety

1035 Seminar in Law Enforcement

Machine Tool Technology  MA1900


The objective of this program of study is to provide a primary level of essential skills and knowledge to individuals interested in pursuing a career in Machine Technology. Students design and manufacture products using a variety of metals and machinery. Students apply technical skills in measuring, operating a drill press, metal lathe, and milling machinery. Industry certifications may be earned.


1903 Fundamentals of Machine Tool Technology

1905 Fundamentals of Machine Processes

1907 Machine Tool Operations

1909 Metal Trades Processes and Applications

Masonry  AR1910

Architecture and Construction

The Masonry concentration focuses on skills that will build a knowledge base and technical skills in all aspects of the Masonry industry. Students will develop skill sets in areas such as drawings, measurements, mortar, grout, masonry units, masonry techniques and tools. Students will have the opportunity to earn NCCER certification.


1846 Masonry I

1847 Masonry II

1848 Masonry III

1849 Masonry IV

Marketing Management: Sports, Recreation & Entertainment  MK0420  Marketing

Marketing Management introduces students to career options in the field of Sports, Entertainment, and Recreation Marketing. Courses required for completion of the program include Marketing Principles, Marketing Applications, Business and Marketing Essentials, and Recreation Marketing. Project based learning is incorporated.

1439 Business & Marketing Essentials

0422 Marketing Principles

0425 Marketing Applications

Pick One

0437 Hospitality and Tourism

0434 Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Marketing

Plant Systems AG0210


The Plant Systems program of study focuses on entrepreneurial, academic, and technical skills relative to careers in the areas of plant science, greenhouse management, and fruit and vegetable production. Topics addressed will include plant growth and development, basic plant identification, pest management, chemical disposal, career opportunities, entrepreneurial skills

0101 Introduction to Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

0212 Horticulture

0213  Floriculture

0214 Greenhouse Management

0134 Agricultural Experience Program

Science, Technical, Engineering & Mathematics ST2460 

Pre-Engineering/Project Lead the Way


Pre-Engineering or Project Lead the Way is designed to provide an intense and hands-on knowledge of engineering skills. The PTLW program provides flexible curriculum. Students learn the latest information while utilizing the newest technology. Completers may earn college credit.



2461 Introduction to Engineering Design

2463 Principles of Engineering

2464 Engineering Design and Development

2466 Civil Engineering and Architecture

Project STRIVE

Mercer County Elective

These programs are designed to provide students real world knowledge and skills in a variety of hospitality and service industry settings. The courses incorporate hands-on experience at job sites and in the classroom. Goals promote development of a positive work ethic.




Health Science HE0723  

Therapeutic Services/Health Occupations


This program is designed for students in Grade 11 and 12 interested in becoming health care professionals. Students to complete three core courses plus a clinical experience. Clinical experiences may be completed in various work based settings based on pathway option, Nursing or Diversified. Students have the opportunity to become Certified Nursing Assistants. A minimum course completion score of 80% is required to continue in the program.


0711 Foundations of Health Science

0715 Advanced Principles of Health Science

0789 Clinical Specialty I

0790 Clinical Specialty II


Welding  MA1980


Welding Technology is designed to teach students safety, basic metal properties, welding defects, basic shielded metal arc welding, basic gas metal welding, basic gas tungsten arc welding, blueprint reading, robotic and automated welding cutting. Students will prepare for American Welding Society Welder Certification. Students have the opportunity to gain multiple industry credentials.



1862 Welding I

1863 Welding II

1864 Welding III

1865 Welding IV

Additional Advanced Courses:

1987 Arc Welding

1989 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

MCTEC does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, disability, or national origin in employment or educational programs or activities. Inquiries may be referred to Amanda Aliff, Section 504 Coordinator, at Mercer County Schools, 1403 Honaker Avenue, Princeton, WV 24740. Phone 304-487-1551. Lack of English language skills is not a barrier to participation in any course.