Find a Job!

MCTEC has Placement Services to assist students in finding permanent jobs.  Students are not guaranteed employment.  The purpose of the Placement office is to assist.  Students must assume the major responsibility for securing employment.  Students are provided employability skills training in all programs.  Students may schedule an appointment with their program instructor, or the Student Services Facilitator, to discuss job search strategies. Additionally, job announcements are posted on MCTEC's Twitter Feed as soon as they are received, so please follow us @Ms_Mutterback.


What you must do:  Make good grades and maintain good attendance; complete training activities in your classroom; and work as hard in finding a job.


What we will do:  We will maintain contact with local employers, teach you job seeking skills and refer jobs called in. Sometimes an employer will ask for information about a student’s attendance and grades.  If you don’t want this information given to potential employers, you may request in writing that the information not be released.  However, this action may result in the loss of a job opportunity.