Lashmeet/Matoaka School Mission

Lashmeet/Matoaka School strives to be a West Virginia High Quality School by providing a positive, safe climate and culture in order to foster learning for all. High expectations, differentiated instruction, and engaging our students in standards based instruction assure that all students have the opportunity to master essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be successful in a global, digital society.


Lashmeet/Matoaka School Vision/Values

  • To promote a positive, safe climate and culture based on collaboration and mutual respect, with a focus on engaging best practices in instruction that lead to increased student achievement.
  • To promote academic excellence through a consistent delivery of vertically and horizontally aligned curriculum and performance standards.
  • Maintain high expectations for students, staff, families, and communities to share in the responsibility and accountability for learning.
  • To provide discipline and direction to enable students to grow and develop socially and emotionally.
  • To foster lifelong learners who can contribute in our changing, global world and to improve the quality of life.


Lashmeet/Matoaka Core Beliefs

Using the West Virginia Standards for High Quality School for continuous school improvement at Lashmeet/Matoaka School our core beliefs are:

  • Creating a positive climate and cohesive culture where the staff shares sound educational beliefs and values, with high expectations for all.
  • Distribution of leadership among staff, students, and stakeholders for improved school performance.
  • Delivering standards-based curriculum that enhances the unique qualities of each learner with differentiated instruction, assuring all students attain essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions to function in a global, digital society.
  • Student well-being is top priority in making decisions and providing support services to address students’ physical, social-emotional, and academic growth with a strong emphasis on Reading/Language Arts, math, critical thinking, writing, and collaboration.
  • Positive connections to families and communities are formed through Title I parent involvements, various classroom activities, PTO, LSIC, and opportunities to volunteer within the school.
  • Staff members participation in self-reflection, collaboration, and evaluation leads to professional growth and development and positively impacts student learning.
  • A collective commitment to collaboratively identify, plan, implement, monitor, evaluate, and communicate the changes necessary to continuously increase student learning.